FactCheck #8: Sen. Obama’s policy priorities on immigration, economy, healthcare, environment and energy

It appears that a big part of the premise for Sen. Clinton’s  campaign strategy of touting her ‘deep and broad’ policy experience is starting to show some cracks as more and more people are shedding light on the experience she actually has, at least in foreign policy (latest case in point her admitted inaccurate comment about landing under sniper fire in Bosnia in the 1990s).  Obviously, the revelations are bad for her campaign and good for Sen. Obama’s and Sen. McCain’s.  More importantly, the underlying discovery of truth is good for voters.  I guess she’s not as vetted as her campaign is making her out to be. 

Attached are official fact sheets/policy priorities from the Obama campaign on key domestic issues, namely immigration, health care, environment, energy and the economy.  You can also download additional fact sheets on other issues if you visit the official Obama campaign website www.barackobama.com. Feel free to digest and distribute to friends.  I attach them here to help us reevaluate one line of attack by Obama’s detractors: that he lacks specific plans.









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