Tax time lament from a young professional

It’s time of the year again to give 30% of my hard-earned income to the biggest spender in the world, my Uncle Sam. His spending sickness has reached new heights over the past 5 years, yet no one is interested in leading a family intervention.

He spends for show; he spends beyond his means. Despite our degrees and professional careers, we cannot move up economically, our lives held captive by his ways, his voracious appetite for our hard-earned money.

He’s addicted to shopping, and he has taken it to a level never before seen: he’s debt is out of control, such that each of us now owes $32K and climbing.

We have been paralyzed by the need to confront him; powerless, really. But one of these days, someone has to sit him down and tell him to stop! …and to get professional help. 


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