Update on rice: Filipinos have a new organic brand


Speaking of diabetes among Filipinos … eating too much of a good thing — in this case rice — may be one of the culprits.  No doubt, this will not change with a brand new organic rice being promoted, the Doña Maria Premium Rice. If it can be produced cheaply because it is grown locally, it may help feed the multitude of Filipinos for generations to come. Read more below.



Doña Maria Premium Rice: An Emerging Filipino Brand


Source: Manila Bulletin Online http://www.mb.com.ph/BSNS20080430123028.html


Being in a country where rice is the staple and where news of a looming rice crisis has become a national concern, a Filipino rice brand promises to offer not only quality grains but also the benefits of naturally-cultivated hybrid rice.


Considered one of the best in the market today, Doña Maria Premium Rice offers three variants developed naturally through proven rice technology and practices pioneered by SL Agritech to give the public new ways to enjoy hybrid grains that are not genetically modified.


Through the continued advancement of its rice processing, SL Agritech began promulgating its own hybrid rice seeds and cultivating its harvest in its private rice technology farm in Laguna, ensuring the high quality of its grains packaged into the brand variants.


“The Doña Maria brand is the result of years of hard work and dedication, with SL Agritech employing proven and time-honored agricultural techniques to successfully combine the best features of the world’s most-recognized premium rice variants,” stated Henry Lim, SL Agritech Chief Executive Officer, who had named the brand in honor of his mother.


Lim explained that the Doña Maria Jasponica Rice combines the fragrant aroma of Jasmine Rice and the excellent eating quality of Japanese rice. When cooked, the grains achieve a soft, sticky and chewy texture enhanced further by its aroma.


Doña Maria Jasponica Brown Rice, on the other hand, offers the healthy benefits of brown rice to the Jasmine-Japanese rice mix. High in fiber with no cholesterol and fully-flavored by the natural nutty texture of brown rice, the variant is the perfect alternative for health-conscious, rice-loving Filipino families.


Not to be outdone, the Doña Maria Miponica Rice is a combination of the clear, translucent, long and slender grain quality of Milagrosa and the exceptional eating quality of Japanese rice. Fluffy and sticky with a pleasant, delicious aroma, Miponica Rice is easy to cook and stays soft throughout.


Lim also revealed that aside from its Laguna farm, the company also regularly taps farmers in Nueva Ecija and other parts of Luzon to grow the variants


“We recognize the role of our farmers as our partners in helping build up a sustainable, yearly harvest of hybrid rice. That is why aside from providing them with our seeds; we also invest in educating them on modern rice farming techniques to help them benefit more from our hybrid rice,” said Lim.


Aside from its adherence to product quality, Lim also stressed Doña Maria’s goal of making premium rice more affordable for the common consumer. All three variants come in two, five, 10 and 25-kilo packs.


Currently, the Doña Maria brand can be found in most major supermarkets and rice retailers in Metro Manila. Future plans of the pioneering rice producer include expanding its distribution to the provinces and other countries around the world.


For inquiries, log on to http://www.sl-agritech.com.


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