Health, illness and Filipino Americans

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Is there really a Filipino health care crisis?

If you’re one of the 700,000 Filipino families living without medical benefits, the answer is probably YES.

Results of an on-line study conducted by the nat’l health benefits survey group indicate a staggering 41% of Filipino families in the USA lack health insurance, and as many as 87% have no dental insurance.

The impact is widespread financially as uninsured Pinoys average paying from 50% to 200% more for health care services than insured Filipino Americans.

Of 9667 Filipino s participating in the poll, 51% said they have not seen a doctor in 3 or more years, and 73% say the single biggest reason for skipping medical appointments was the high cost of medical care.

While 19.27% surveyed said they do have health insurance, limits with their plan make it difficult to pay an expensive monthly premium and meet the out of pocket requirement when they see a doctor.

According to experts, the numbers in this poll are not uncommon.

In an age when nearly 47 million Americans are uninsured, and health insurance premiums are $500 to $1000 per month, it’s no wonder such a large percentage of people cite high cost as the greatest problem they face with their medical care.

But you may be surprised to learn the leading cause of bankruptcy filings is not over spending or living the good life, it’s unpaid medical bills.

With some 80 million Americans either uninsured or under insured, all it takes is one medical emergency to wipe out everything you have worked a lifetime to achieve.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re patient and do your homework, you really can get the benefits you need at an affordable price.

So where do you start?

First step is to educate yourself. The internet is full of free resources and is a perfect place to compile readily available information. Two web sites of particular interest are:

Second, weigh your options. Establish a ‘true cost / use factor’ to help you determine whether it’s the ‘ABC benefits plan’ or the ‘XYZ plan’ that meets your individual needs.

Third, if you need a little help, call in an independent expert. Insurance agents sell insurance and have commission on the line.

Your friendly local agent is knowledgeable, but when her paycheck is in the equation, odds are you may not receive non-biased advice. So stick with an independent advisor.

And last, don’t risk it. Protect the ones you love. Do your homework and get a health benefits plan. The hospitals and bankruptcy courts are full of ill-prepared people who were positive bad things always happen to someone else, but not them.

For peace of mind, there’s not a Filipino health care crisis in America.
There is, however, an ‘access to health care’ crisis.

Many experts feel we need national reform. But until that day comes, it’s up to us, you and me both, to make wise decisions about our health and how we protect the well being of our families.

Choose wisely and you will avoid being just another statistic.






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