The Right has never been so Wrong…


Bully politics – that’s the underlying Republican campaign strategy. It is the clear Republican modus operandi against the Democrats, and in particular, against Sen. Obama. It is a type of politicking fueled by the arrogance of power and wealth, contempt for substance and new thinking.


As we all know, bullying can begin as early as kindergarten. Both boys and girls can be bullies. Being bullied is distracting, frightening, damaging to self-esteem and physically dangerous. Bullying is a way to gain and maintain power.


But do not be fooled. Do not be swayed. Deep inside, we all know that bullying is also the mark of a deep insecurity. In this case, Republican insecurity arises from knowing that the last eight years have been a disastrous experiment in US politics. Republican insecurity arises from the fear of a catastrophic loss of political power in November, thanks to an electorate that has wised up. Thanks to an electorate that is fed-up with a divisive and cynical Republican approach to governing.


When speakers at the RNC this week conspired to sway our votes by poking fun, ridiculing and demeaning liberals, Democrats, community organizers, and Sen. Obama, instead of contrasting the parties on substantive grounds, they insulted our maturity, our intelligence, and betrayed quite openly their much advertised and chanted slogan, “Country First!” What a bunch of hypocrites.


Let us not join them at their level. All the organizers, students, liberals – and progressive thinking independents — who were pumped up previously by idealism and are now pumped up also by disgust, be calm and be collected.


Let us work quietly but together.


As one let us punish them in the best way we know how. Let us shame these Republicans convincingly by mobilizing votes against them on November 4.






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