The unofficial 2008 Filipino American Voter Survey

In a previous voter poll (countywide voter poll in 1998) that I was involved with exactly a decade ago, results showed that Filipino Americans were evenly split between Republicans and Democrats. Close to two-thirds of respondents were naturalized citizens, a reflection of the true size of immigrant Filipinos in the US.

Less than a week until election day, I’m getting increasingly curious of how Filipino Americans will vote. Thus, this unofficial voter survey. Together we can learn something about the 2008 Filipino American voter.

So please take a serious look. Respond only to the items that correspond to you. Thank you for your time and spread the word. Votes will be accepted until Friday, November 7, 2008.


2 thoughts on “The unofficial 2008 Filipino American Voter Survey

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  2. Interesting. I just posted on the power of the status-quo on the voter. It is a routine both in process and in what we select…and yet at times many seem to want real change.

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