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Latest CNN election projections by state

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To view latest electoral map, go to this link http://www.clearspring.com/widgets/48ffa387494151d4?pid=49053293fe1d6987


OBAMA 338            MCCAIN 163

7PM EST                                            Candidate         Electoral Votes

Kentucky projected for                             McCain                   8

South Carolina projected for                    McCain                   8

Vermont projected for                             Obama                   3


Massachusetts projected for                    Obama                 12

Illinois projected for                                Obama                 21

Connecticut projected for                        Obama                   7

New Jersey projected for                          Obama                 15

Maine projected for                                  Obama                  3 (1 to McCain)

Delaware projected for                             Obama                  3

Maryland projected for                             Obama                10

Washington DC projected for                   Obama                  3

New Hampshire projected for                   Obama                  3

Pennsylvania projected for                       Obama                21 (Whoo-hoo!)

Rhode Island projected for                       Obama                 4

Michigan projected for                             Obama                17

California projected for                            Obama                55 (that’s right…)

Hawaii projected for                                 Obama                4

Wisconsin projected for                           Obama                10

New York projected for                            Obama                31

Ohio projected for                                   Obama                20 (Whoo-hoo!)

New Mexico projected for                       Obama                 5

Virginia projected for                              Obama                13

Alabama projected for                             McCain                8

Oklahoma projected for                          McCain                 7

Tennessee projected for                         McCain                11

West Virginia projected for                     McCain                  5

Lousiana projected for                            McCain                 9

Utah projected for                                   McCain                 6

Kansas projected for                               McCain                 5

Arkansas projected for                            McCain                 6

Mississippi projected for                        McCain                 6

Georgia projected for                              McCain                15


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Born and raised in the Philippines. Moved to California on April 15, 1986 two months after Marcos was overthrown. Have been building a new life and stronger roots in Southern California since then.

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