My humble two cents for conservatives


“The negativism, while natural, is premature and counterproductive. After such a compelling defeat, the Republican party is largely adrift, irrelevant. Conservatives run the risk of being made irrelevant as well if they are unable to cope with their party’s defeat.

Do yourselves a favor, be adults and get over it! Who does your negativism help but your bruised egos?

Instead of going on the attack before Obama even starts his first day as President, why not engage in substantive conversation on how to be vital in an Obama administration, instead of resigning to being contrarians? Bush is gone, folks. Conservative intellectuals, you can come out of hiding now and rescue your failing party.”

***NOTE: I originally posted this on ABCNews online as a reaction to its Nov 9 article, “Obama to use Executive Orders for immediate impact.”

I was moved to comment after a week of nothing but anti-Obama rhetoric from the Right. I understand the need to keep ratings high, but beyond that must be a desire to have a real conversation, too, on how conservatives can coexist with their liberal colleagues and new President.

The purpose of the party system is after all to facilitate a representation and competition of ideas, not to generate gossip and partisan non-sense. This means welcoming, facilitating, engaging in substantive and intelligent debate on issues.

If conservatives don’t want to play their role in this arrangement and they, instead, resign to being hollow partisans, then they have no one to blame but themselves if they become invisible on the political radar screen.


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