Why care about climate change?

By now, the answer to this is clear to more of us: we care because the rising human toll of extreme weather here and abroad is a growing threat to us all. In recent years, many of us have had direct personal experience with the negative impact of climate change: relatives and friends hurt by extreme super typhoons, flooding, drought, famine, and climate-related diseases.

Yet, the politics of the day remains divided, delaying the hard work and genuine collaboration required. How bad do things have to get? If we can’t rely on our leaders to act, then we must do what we can and help chip away at the hard work.

CYPHER is committed to three dimensions of the necessary work ahead:

1) developing practical projects that help lessen the impact of climate change in vulnerable regions of the world

2) developing environmentalist advocates and scholars among minority youth

3) developing online tools that support the work of environmental and “smart development” advocates

By working together, we can build practical projects that both promote “smart development” and help prevent natural catastrophe in vulnerable Southeast Asia. By empowering and nurturing the youth to build fulfilling professional careers in the hard sciences, we remove future uncertainty and inaction. By doing our part in building tools, we build deeper value in the facilitative potential of social media.

We all need to pay attention and take action in as many of the realistic ways we can. We all have a part to play, and every part each of us contributes — especially when done with commitment — will matter.

Probability improves with commitment. Join us. Visit https://www.cypher-international.org



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