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The closing of the American conservative mind

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The White rage against the Obama administration represents a closing of the American conservative mind. Taken over by the most extreme fringe of its base, the modern Republican Party is unable to engage in reason, which is the foundation of good governance and effective, credible political debate and leadership.

The American conservative mind has closed in two very disturbing and macro-level ways:

1) The adults in the party are silent and have been silenced by the venom of extremists. The party has been taken over by the architects of a self-destructive and stupid strategy of blanket opposition to anything and everything that smells Democrat. McConnell, like Boehner, is twice the petulant child that Gingrich and Rove still are. There is no greater mark of irresponsibility than their simple overheated philosophy of No.

2) The conservative intelligentsia has lost its relevance in the remaking of the Republican Party. Conservative thinkers and think-tanks, such as American Enterprise Institute, are not weighing in on what 21st century conservatism ought to be about. Instead, we hear Beck, Limbaugh and Hannity, three conservative stooges frothing at the mouth with lies. Their malicious, willfully-ignorant propoganda is the enemy of reason and governance.

I am not a conservative. And I am actually glad that the U.S. is self-correcting politically from the extreme right-ward swing of the Bush years.

But a failed Republican Party is bad for governance. And it is bad for the public that must live under a broken government. The Republican Party must revitalize the American conservative mind.


Author: rbvergara

Born and raised in the Philippines. Moved to California on April 15, 1986 two months after Marcos was overthrown. Have been building a new life and stronger roots in Southern California since then.

One thought on “The closing of the American conservative mind

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