Someone Else’s War: Filipino migrant workers in the Iraqi war zone

“Someone Else’s War”

Future Airs: 10/21/10, Thursday,  10:30 pm KVCR-DC Digital 24.3  (Channel 18 Palm Springs); 10/22/10, Friday,  3:30 am KVCR-DC Digital 24.3 (Channel 18 Palm Springs)

Someone Else’s War investigates the conditions which draw thousands of Filipino migrant workers to work in the volatile Iraqi war zone. Show length: 30 minutes*

“Someone Else’s War” is making its broadcast debut this month on PBS. The award-winning documentary tells the untold story of Filipino workers who work as contractors on US military bases in Iraq. More than seven years into the war, few Americans are aware that the US military has employed tens of thousands of  “third country nationals” to do the dirty work of the war.

“Someone Else’s War” gives voice to these invisible workers by telling the story of Ailyn Mateo, a young Filipina mother who leaves her family in Manila to work on a tiny military outpost in northern Iraq. Shot on location in Iraq and the Philippines, the film gives viewers a fresh perspective not only on the war, but on the phenomena of globalization. In this age of migration, is there a limit to where people will go in search of opportunity?

And should there be limits on what we as Americans decide to outsource? Finally, the film asks viewers to consider what it means to ask Filipinos to die in a war that Americans have largely written off.



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