My first novel in the making

I am finishing a novel, hopefully soon to be published by next year. It is about the life journey of a pre-Hispanic warrior in the Cordillera mountain region; it is about his response to ambition and brokenness amid the chaos of Spanish conquest.

The lead character’s name is Aponidaydayawen (“The grandchild of one whom we respect” in Ilocano, my native language), and his journey mirrors mine. His is a story of manhood, a probe into the inner life of men striving to find meaning as they fulfill their roles in their family and community. His is a story about war: the loud, violent flirtation with self-destruction we do with one another, and the hidden, secret struggle we fight within as we resolve the issues that break us. Bringing him to life was deeply therapeutic; and giving him a community to interact with remains the most creative thing I have ever done so far.

I will keep you posted here as far as the publication date. The editing process nears its end.


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