Pacquaio-Bradley Result A Highway Robbery: Conspiracy Theories

Chester’s Corner

By Chester B. Vergara


What happened tonight is pure travesty. Flubbed decisions such as this is why the sport of boxing is losing more fans than any other major sport world wide.

Coming into this fight, hardcore fans and casual fans alike all knew Bradley had no chance but a puncher’s chance. I personally didn’t think this would last more than 6 rounds, given that Bradley is only one fight removed from his first fight as a Welterweight fighter. All advantages, experience, power, speed and the other intangibles were all in Pacquiao’s favor. No one in their right mind would bet against Pac unless they wanted a bigger payout for the near impossible upset.

Boy were we wrong!!

As I watched the fight unfold, it was clear that Pacquaio is the far superior fighter outclassing the smaller Bradley in all aspects of the game. Beating him to the punch, creating angles and withstanding the “power” of Bradley. I personally scored the fight as a landslide at 120-118. Not because I am a biased Filipino Pacquaio fan but because of what I was seeing on my TV set.

I have two theories as to why this happened tonight, please try to keep up with me.

Theory#1: The Mayweather Effect

Mayweather just profited a sum of 40mil + an undetermined sum from his last fight against Cotto. With the seemingly easy fight for Pac over a young-in their prime undefeated African American fighter, I wouldn’t put it past the ever elusive Floyd to have had a hand in tonight’s fight result. After all, the fight took place in Vegas, Floyd’s backyard, and would gain so much from paying off these “inexperienced” judges.

I think Floyd paid off these judges to swing the fight for Bradley….isn’t obvious? I’m sure Floyd thought that this fight would be closer than the complete domination all paying fans saw on PPV tonight. I wouldn’t put it past Floyd to have masterminded this robbery by saying to the judges “if this fight is close, give it to Bradley”. Why else would each judge score the fight 115-113? What fight were they watching? It’s blatantly obvious that the fix was in. I dare anyone to make an argument why Bradley deserves this win, or earned this “win”.

Theory #2: The Ruse
I hope this fight ended the way it did to coax the yellow bellied Floyd to finally fight Pacquaio. It makes sense in a madman’s world. I am really trying to find some sense in all this mess.

Anyone, please help me make sense of all this mess.


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