“Don’t boo! Vote!”: Romney’s hollow win

“Don’t boo! Vote!”

Before this debate, there was talk that for Romney the race was already lost. Given the deep failings of Romney’s mismanaged campaign, that the popular reaction seems to be that he won Debate #1 must be great news for him. –> So what?

(1) While there is inherent value in these debates to close the deal, sum up the arguments of both camps, who among those who have already made up their mind will really be swayed by them?

Not that I dismiss the weight of these debates in this election cycle, but in this election cycle I suspect those of us who have already made our choice did not break from that choice, or intend to do so in the weeks to come.

(2) If the target is to convince the undecideds in the battle-ground states, style might have won Romney one night, but how strategic is this win if the lies that paved that win will only defeat him in the weeks to come, exposing his win-at-all-cost, truth-be-damned game?

The middle is so thin. By morphing to convince this middle, yet again, Romney won only to lose, and kill the Republican brand.

(3) To my mind, we watched and graded Debate #1 more for its entertainment value than its function to sell a choice; no wonder the theater criticism.

Just as his 47% comment proved that he is for the rich, so too does the new version of Romney who won tonight confirm the shapeless, hollow panderer we have grown to think him to be. What a punk!


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