Where to find the truth?

I have mixed feelings of guilt and pride about tonight’s VP debate. Guilt that I have become so partisan. Pride that Biden was a compelling wing-man to Obama. Guilt that I found the whole thing entertaining.

What happened to having higher expectations of our selves as independent thinkers? We are stuck in a world where truth has become so relative that even facts have grown incredibly hard to discern from spin. It feels good to think that Democrats are more truthful than Republicans. But are they? By what measure can we objectively judge? Our values? Our shared experience? ‘Neutral’ fact checkers?

I find it ironic that in this ‘information age’, when information is now more widely shared than ever before, what we actually are finding we have less of is the truth. What is factual has increasingly been manufactured, spun, commodified; what is objective has steadily been made suspect, politicized, corrupt.

As I rear up determined to deprive Republicans of more power and yet another bite at the presidency, I also find myself asking about the truth.



2 thoughts on “Where to find the truth?

  1. The reason you’re asking for truth is because the nature of the political process requires lies in order for one to appear “the best choice” to as many as possible. It cannot be denied that Obama has waged a shameless campaign, built on lies. On the other hand, Romney seems the technocrat, ready and able to flip flop positions as necessary to win the election. In the end, I prefer a “technocrat” approach who “implies” a more limited government.
    And despite Obama’s best intentions, and efforts, to meet the needs of the common man, he inadvertantly hands more and more power to those he means to offend.


    Obama, an anti-colonialist at heart, attempts to enact social justice via a conduit of centralized government and a sprawl of federalist controls. As such he simultaneously creates a more centralized (or, singular) access point to government, from which a military/industrial complex can manipulate and guard its interests; essentially handing more and more power to the “powers” he means to offend.

    It’s quite ironic. Especially when given the arrogance and self assurance through which he commands.
    Actually…. it’s kind of sad; Obama’s policies, while likely done with best of intentions, threaten to create more and more reliance by the states on the federal government, as well as individuals on welfare, and doing so gives more control to the very forces that would be running our country had he never came along.

    And so, one must consider if those “powers” will be in control anyway, is not the best government one which leaves as much control in the hands of states and the people as possible; a course which “hopes” to preserve “50” points of access (and therby guardianship) for the millions of individual liberties within them; those who are “we the people, which in turn attempts to always tame the “1” (district)?

    It leaves the American people with the same problem every time: Who’s looking out for us?
    Answer: Ourselves

    Unfortunately, the world we live in will never be fair. And when faced with such question, aside from anarchy the people are left with few choices; free markets and federalism, which allows the most liberty; federalist governments which provide more control to those at the top; or a dictator.

    No wonder Hitler hated capitalism 😉

    The rich will always end up running things in any high functioning large society, this has been understood to be an inevitability for years. http://www.eclectica.org/v1n1/reviews/wharton_friendly.html. So the question is how to limit the power of government, since it wil always be married to the rich (IE – military/industrial/federalist complex)

    Localize, Localize Localize … kick powers back to the states; let states worry about their own roads, education, and social services, let the feds deal with energy, military, and “wise” regulation of finace and environment, and trust in free markets to do the rest; which yes “unfortunately” benefits the rich, but it also benefits the middle class in a decent economy.

    Unfortunately, despite his intentions, and even if you DO believe he’s fixing the economy, Obama’s policies (now in place, or those scheduled for after the election) in regard to EPA, DHS, DoE, and potential “cap and trade,” along with Nationalized health care, are bad news for anyone who understands the purpose of the 10th ammendment YIKES!

    • @ troymo — first of all, thanks for visiting and commenting. while virtual, an online dialogue is still dialogue.

      you make several points, and i appreciate your thoughtful honesty. it is intact this–thoughtful honesty–that inspired me to write this specific post.

      both campaigns have used lies, and as you say this is part of the game. this is not what confounds me. what bothers me is the fact there are appears to be no place to go for the truth. as far as i know, everything is a spin room

      i hope you comment on more. i will visit your blog, too

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