First outdoor Filipino mural in the East Coast by muralist Eliseo Art Silva

Our dream of completing the first outdoor Filipino mural in the east coast is almost realized. What better place to start than the very place where the United States began as a nation? The city of Philadelphia is now celebrated as the City of Murals, with more cultural landscapes per block than any other city in the world.

Communities form from people collectively sharing their visions, resources, and effort in a shared hope for the future. An ideal ‘site of public memory’ is intended to designate a sense of place for building community: a place of reflection, a place of remembrance- fortifying all that is essential to develop and thrive in a contemporary urban environment – inviting the first step towards compassionate interaction.

Be part of history and join Mural Arts in celebrating Filipino Americans of Philadelphia by purchasing limited edition Art Prints of the mural; as well as, sponsoring 6″ x 10″ photo tiles that will be permanently integrated into this future Philadelphia landmark and destination.

Details about the prints and tiles, including the order form are attached in this message.

Mural Arts store to purchase prints (paypal available for local purchases and orders outside USA):

Philadelphia Inquirer article:

Please consider giving to our Filipino Philadelphia mural project. Your gift will create opportunity for Philadelphia residents, one life at a time. Please give your support to our campaign by March 31, 2012.

We thank you in advance for your valuable support.

Eliseo Art Silva
Mural Artist, Filipino Mural Project of Philadelphia

-Eliseo Art Silva


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