A call to all liberals: HAVE MORE COJONES!!!

Count them … grow three! On this day, May 1 — mayo uno — when we celebrate the labor movement and workers and their advocates around the globe, I re-post this because its content is fitting, and because its fundamental message resonates with me still as we are reminded of how Big Business has our institutions and democracy by the balls … 


Although I am a bit older and wiser, I still believe that the conflict inherent in social justice work requires courage, not just a mad grip of resources and community support. Courage, to me, represents a level of maturity, a certain level of being integrated, of being internally coherent.


For every person’s contributions to social justice to have an impact, these contributions must generally be coherent, have some degree of reason, some degree of logic so that the whole is bigger than the sum of the parts. To me reason is more than a product of the mind; it is also a product of the heart and spirit, a person’s essence. We do what we do not only because of what makes sense to us but also what feels right. To me reason is necessarily courage, and courage, necessarily action with reason. When you know something to be wrong, your challenge is to act.


Both reason and courage demand that you ‘do you’, that you be authentic, even when being so makes you seem weird, or uncool, or ‘not mainstream’. Living out the values of humanism and making the choices required by those values is guided by reason and courage. This is what I mean when I say that liberals must have more cojones.


Originally written and posted in September 2008, when I started this blog and was still primarily an angry soul, the original post could use some serious rewriting. But I’m honoring my original sentiment and the words I chose then to communicate it.


Below is the post unvarnished … 

In troubled parts of the world, in whichever period you dare to look, one thing is consistent: the dictatorship of anti-intellectualism. Many leaders fetishize “resolve” and “quick action” at the expense of sound analysis and evidence-based decision-making.


And those who do this “fetishize-ing” do so to overcompensate for their insecurity, to hide their honest-to-goodness unpreparedness to face a difficult situation and manage the unknown that goes with governing. Cases in point: China over Tibet; Russia over Georgia; the U.S. over Iraq; the Philippines over Muslims in Mindanao; and finally, Republicans beating up on liberals.


How I wish that one day, the war in southern Philippines will finally end. But this will not happen as long as strength is equated with aggression and military might. As long as this is the case, true development and national renewal will elude millions of Filipinos now living, and millions more to come.  


How I wish that the seige of liberal thinking by conservatives will end! But this will not happen in the United States as long as conservatives are not confronted on how they disparage the value of reason, of precision, of high-level thinking.


I wish that McCain would honor his pledge to having a decent campaign and put a stop to his staff that impugn Obama policies with senseless spin and punchlines. This will not happen as long as we agree with conservatives that embracing reason and intellect is a form of weakness, indecisiveness, elitism, and that it is un-American.


Liberals need to grow cojones! We all need to have more cojones!!!! Liberal or not, we need to have a backbone and defend Reason in this country. Embracing Reason is a strength. Reason requires as much courage, as much self-belief to secure victory in the battleground of ideas, as it is to be victors in the theater of war. 


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