By Jon Melegrito

Dear Friends: Please write or call your U.S. Representative and U.S. Senators and urge them to support campaign to pass the Congressional Gold Medal legislation for our Filipino World War II Veterans. It is known as H.R. 2737 in US House of Representatives and S.B. 1555 in the US Senate.

See sample message below. You may use your own words and personalize your letter. I also provide a link to their e-mail addresses. Just follow the steps to the “Contact” prompt and type your message.

Thank you for giving five minutes of your time. Our veterans waited 70 years for a recognition that’s long overdue and they highly deserve.


A. Legislator contact info

U.S. Senators Email Addresses. This is a list of email addresses for all current US Senators. Most senators provide an email form on their website rather than a direct email address. Just click on this link and an e-mail form will be provided for your message.

House of Representatives Email Addresses. This directory is arranged by state. Click the link to the U.S. Representative from your district, click “Contact” and an “Email Me” form will be provided for your message.

B. Sample Message:

Dear (name of your US Rep or US Senator):


Please support (H.R. 2737 if writing to US Reps) or (S.B. 1555 if writing to US Senators). The men and women of the Philippines and United States performed an invaluable service in defense of both countries from July 26, 1941 to December 31, 1946.

They served in the United States Forces in the Far East (USAFFE) with distinction, fighting alongside American soldiers to help defeat the Imperial Japanese Military Forces and liberate the Philippines, a sovereign territory held by the United States.

The loyal and valiant Filipino Veterans of World War II fought, suffered, and, in many instances, died in the same manner and under the same commander as other members of the United States Armed Forces during World War II.

For over 70 years, Filipino Veterans have sought recognition for their courage and selfless sacrifice. Of the 260,000 who fought, thousands died in combat and in the infamous Death March. Today, less than 18,000 remain. Despite having their benefits rescinded in 1946, they haven’t wavered in their loyalty to America. U.S. recognition of their service and sacrifice is long overdue. Our nation owes these individuals our deepest and sincere gratitude.

As a proud citizen of your district and state, I urge you to sign on as co-sponsor of this legislation and once and for all give these Filipino World War II veterans the honor they deserve. Thank you.

SIGNED (Your name, address, telephone number)

About the author

Jon Melegrito is a writer, community leader, and advocate based in Washington D.C. who has served as the Communications Director of the National Federation of Filipino-American Associations (NaFFAA).


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