About FeudArt

Thank you for visiting FeudArt, which I began in early 2008. FeudArt is my personal creative outlet; from time to time, I might post a poem, or an op-ed, or a video.
FeudArt is also for you to self-express on a variety of related issues. FeudArt is for everyone, and it exists for old and new friends to self-express on Filipino diaspora issues, Philippine development, climate resilience, and Filipino martial arts (FMA) — an eclectic mix unified by my love of and dream for my people.
FeudArt‘s big idea is to lift up our interconnectedness with other communities. It is the sharing of our respective personal journey that makes the best case for our interconnectedness. I hope that by reading my posts, you can find the courage to tell your story. When you do, consider sharing it on FeudArt. Guest contributors are welcome. Create often.
R. Bong Vergara

11 thoughts on “About FeudArt

  1. debalobo, I’m doing just fine; blessed, really. My roots are from Ilocos Sur. Another reader, eric, is from Zambales.

    The more Pinoy voices out there the better. Welcome to blogging.

    A word to the wise: focus on your content and general direction. The readership will come.

  2. Hi.

    My name is Lorra. Elbert Or and I started a group for artists to share their visions of hope, creation and rebuilding to benefit the survivors of Typhoon Ondoy.

    The project is called START HERE and I was wondering if you wanted to share your vision with us. We hope to have an exhibit/to sell off the artwork to raise the money to donate and use for various improvement projects and to develop calamity risk management programs in the country.

    For more info, you can head on to http://rebuild-starthere.blogspot.com.

    We also have a Facebook group that you can join: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=143893607229.

    Thank you very much. 😀

  3. You’re one great Ilokano-American blogger! Just stumbled upon your blog through Herdy’s riknakem. Bumisbisitaak laeng ngem magustuak ti tema ken urnos ti panagsuratmo. Agbiag ka!

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